Insert the sound of a smashing champagne bottle here.

Why, hello there, internets. Welcome to the site. I’m Emma Osborne. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a writer of fiction and poetry, most of which is speculative in nature. I particularly enjoy writing science fiction and fantasy stories.

This blog will be used to talk a little bit about what I’m working on, and will hopefully also be a place to announce my successes in getting stories out there. My latest news on that front is that I have forthcoming fiction coming out at Daily Science Fiction, which I’m really excited about! First pro sale!

I’m also rather obsessed with music, so I’m sure I’ll be posting about what I’m listening to. The track I’m currently playing on repeat whilst writing is Ludovico Einaudi’s Primavera.

Have a listen.

I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of song that makes me want to stand on a mountain with my hair being swept dramatically by the wind, ready to take on the world. In a word? RAH.


  1. RAAAHH! Look out, world. *grin* So great to see you finally up and running! Yay!

  2. Yeah! About time, eh?

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