I’ve recently posted about this, but OOH LOOK. NEW THINGS! Apparently the women of the world are not content with destroying JUST science fiction. Of course, we’re in a pretty spectacular situation here – Lightspeed’s kickstarter has raised over $15k to fund their special issue containing a stack of new stories, reprints and flash fiction authored, collaborated and edited by an all-women team of awesome. What’s next? Horror! Fantasy! Maybe getting our hands on some kind of multi-genre lair so that we can all hang out and discuss general geekery? Who knows! THE WORLD IS OURS.


Anyway. If you haven’t kicked in, please do! There are some awesome bundles available in the mix, and every cent thrown their way funds more content for the female genre writers of the world. This is a very good thing.

Clearly this is an exciting time. I absolutely love writing science fiction and fantasy (and also a bit of horror, sometimes, if that’s the mood that takes me) because it is so very much fun to make things up and to explore any and every world that is out there (or hey, worlds that I ENTIRELY MAKE UP ALL BY MYSELF!) I love writing it because I love to think about what’s beyond the here and now. I’m the sort of girl who thinks all the time about  mind controlling drugs, about dwarven caverns that wend and weave under mountains, about blasters and spider-web rope and cosmic warps and engines made from photosynthetic plants. I think about settlement wars within Mars colonies, cursed pocket watches and people who can yank your soul right out of your mouth. There are so many ideas out there to explore, and I love the fact that I can let my brain run rampant during the creative process. I think that my best stories are also tangled up with my heart. I find myself wondering about the people I write. What are they seeking? Which words, when said by a loved one, will tear them to pieces? How do they move past tragedies? Do they find joy? What are they positively overwhelmed by?

Writing science fiction and fantasy and horror and hey, general weird stuff allows me to mix in all of the above and that makes me so very happy. Funding the Lightspeed kickstarter is a small step to making the writing of all female genre writers more visible, more mainstream, more accessible. I’m sure that you’ll agree that this is a very good thing. 

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  1. A spectacular thing. 🙂

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