At this point, all I can do is hold myself in a state of cat-like readiness.

If you’ve found me by searching for people waiting on Clarion news, welcome. Pull up a chair. UCSD is pretty much sorted, I suspect, but you and I both know that West is a mystery.

Maybe a writing exercise would help pass the time?

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m far too frazzled to come up with something, but do hit me up in the comments if you’re up for some kind of word-related challenge.


  1. Flash Challenge! It’s been a while since we had one of those…

    1. Yeah! We should do it! What’s the deadline? 🙂

      1. How about next Friday? One week to get it done?

  2. Christopher Carlson · · Reply

    My friend and I like to practice descriptive detail by assigning each other a color to look out for during the course of a day. We then take the colors we see (jotting notes during the day) and write passages containing those elements. The color can be a trigger to other senses too (like the maroon on the hot dog stand I saw last week, which ended up evoking a description more based on smell than color). It’s a fun way to keep the mind off of worrisome things (like certain workshop applications) and engaged in writerly activity at the same time. For anyone who wants to try, the color I assigned my friend today was yellow, and you’re welcome to go for it with that color too. It might help, and it really can’t hurt.

    Fingers crossed for everyone. I know we can’t all get in, but wouldn’t it be a little bit wonderful if we could?

    1. Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep my eye out for yellow today. And good luck to you with your application!

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