“Crashdown” in Apex #60

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that my science fiction poem Crashdown has been included in Apex Magazine’s 60 issue! Hurrah!

It has been a while since any of my poetry has seen publication (the last one being Throwback at Star*Line) and I’m delighted that Crashdown found such a prestigious and beautiful home. Apex has a history of publishing fascinating, incredible work (which shows in their impressive collection of award nominations – a Nebula and two Hugo noms this year!) and I’m exceptionally pleased to be featured in such a robust line-up.

Most of Apex #60 is up for free online here, but you get the benefit of a few extras if you purchase the issue for $2.99. It’s worth it.

I’ve switched my brain into poetry-mode quite a lot lately, and I’m hoping to have some more announcements of this ilk in the future. 

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