Zip to Appear in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine

I am delighted to announce that my queer military science fiction story Zip will be appearing in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine in August! This is an exciting moment for me as it marks the first time that a story of mine with a gay protagonist has been accepted. It’s great to see that more and more magazines are proud to publish stories featuring gay and genderqueer characters – even Lightspeed are following up their Women Destroy Science Fiction campaign with a Queers Destroy Science Fiction special next year.

Bastion are a great new science fiction market with a focus on stories reminiscent of the golden age of SF. They’ve had just four issues out but have garnered considerable acclaim. Also, their website is gorgeous. Go look!

They’ve also been kind enough to tweet about my story:

Lovely, eh?

Speaking of Bastion, Issue #4 features a story by the wonderful Eleanor Wood! Go read Remember Prometheus for a fascinating exploration of the nature of death.

I cannot wait to share this story! Hurrah!

One comment

  1. Aw, thank you, Em! Really looking forward to seeing Zip in print! 🙂

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