Cover Art for Shock Totem #9 Featuring The Box Wife

I mentioned Shock Totem in my last post, and happily, I now have something to show off!

Behold, the absolutely GORGEOUS art for Shock Totem #9!

Shock Totem 9 Cover 04 (Mock Up) (1)

I have been completely spoiled with my covers from this year’s publications. Part of me wants to get this one (and hey, the delightful August Bastion SF cover) framed so that I can put it up in my house to swoon over.

My story in Shock Totem is called The Box Wife and it’s definitely the most disturbing thing I’ve ever written. I tend to write more fantasy and SF than horror, but this one came out of nowhere with an incredibly insistent voice that could not be ignored. Weirdly enough, when I made some edits (I ended up using this as a Clarion submission story for this year) I found that I could click into the voice pretty much at will. That’s never happened to me before, and it was rather disconcerting to have it happen with such difficult and challenging subject matter.

Shock Totem will be out shortly and when it is, I’ll trumpet the issue to the sky. I’m very excited and proud to share this story and I can’t wait to see what y’all think!

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