2015 Writing Goals

There are a few things I want to do this year (like take a tour of Tasmania’s whiskey distilleries, hell yeah) but most of my goals are writing-based.

Here they are, in the interest of accountability.

1. Submit to Clarion and Clarion West.

This will be my fifth crack and West and my fourth crack at UCSD. Whew. Yeah. I know that plenty of people apply multiple times, and I’ve gotten much better as a result, but it’s still kind of doing my head in. Let’s hope that this will be my year! I have a good feeling about 2015.

2. Re-draft my novel.

I finished the first draft in October last year and put it away for a bit. I’ve been working on my Clarion stories (and had a completely fucking crazy time at the day job) so it has been waiting patiently since then. Looking forward to getting back into it (I have made lots of notes) and getting it tightened up (hopefully once more after Clarion, if I go this year!)

3. Start querying agents.

If all goes well, I’ll start querying toward the end of the year. Eeeeep!

I’m also looking forward to submitting to Queers Destroy Science Fiction! It’s fantastic to see them blast through their stretch goals! Can’t wait for Queers Destroy Horror, also!

It’s pretty amazing to think that I’ll be a part of the QDSF anthology either way, as they raised enough to include my essay in the print edition. Yay!

Best of luck in reaching your 2015 goals!

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