Conventions, Ahoy!

Turns out I have a huge second half of 2015 ahead of me! Wow.

First things first!

I’m pleased to announced that I’ll be appearing on four (four!) panels at the upcoming Continuum convention in Melbourne. Continuum runs over the Queen’s Birthday weekend – this year from the 5th to the 8th of June.

My panels are as follows:

Friday 530pm

BSG and Feminism
Emma Osborne, Alexandra Pierce, Amanda Bridgeman
With nearly every episode of BSG passing the Bechdel test (as well as the Mako Mori test and the infamous Sexy Lamp test) it is easy to hold up the show as a great example of equality. How do the female characters shape the world and the politics of BSG?

Saturday 10am

Panel Workshop: Queer/LGBTIQ Worldbuilding
Emma Osborne, Bismuth Hoban
Building worlds filled with authentic diversity can be a challenge. How can we write worlds that are inclusive of the LGBTI population with sensitivity and honestly?

Sunday 2pm

Panel Workshop: Writing LGBTI Characters
Narrelle M Harris, Lauren Mitchell, Emma Osborne, Cecil Wilde, Hespa
Genre writing presents many opportunities for diversity. What are the important things to consider when writing LGBTI characters and relationships? (Includes asexuality)

Sunday 6pm

Exploring Speculative Poetry
Emma Osborne, Kyla Ward
Speculative poetry is a way of elegantly exploring fantastic realms usually limited to film and prose. From Cylon basestar poetry to Beowulf, we analyse what makes a speculative poem and look at what the future may hold.

You can find a complete list of the panels (and there are some brilliant ones!) on the Continuum site.

On the other side of the desk, I’m stoked to be able to confirm that I’ll be attending ReaderCon in Boston in July! I can’t wait to meet people and hang out with friends and acquaintances (especially those of you I only know online or on Codex so far!)

I’m also scheduled to attend GeekyCon in Florida in August and GenreCon in Australia’s Florida Brisbane in October/November!

Wow. Now that I’ve written it all down, it seems like a lot. 😉

If you do recognise me at a con or if you see me on a panel (eeeee) and want to come and say hello, please do! I love meeting new people (especially fellow nerds!)

Huh. I am going to need a lot of Starbucks in international airports coffee.

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