Queers Destroy Science Fiction Out Now!

And you can grab a copy right here. You can also find the full TOC at SF Signal.

I’m really excited that this is out! It heartens me to see how warmly received this project has been, and it’s especially touching to know that there are a few people out there who came out by participating in this issue. If you’re reading this, o people, know that I think that you’re incredibly brave. Well done.

I was delighted to write a short personal essay for QDSF – you can find it in the issue or read it online here:

“So Say We All.”

I’d like to say a personal thanks to the team at Lightspeed for creating this project and for publishing so many wonderful stories. Thank you for giving queer SF (and fantasy, and horror) writers a voice (even more than you already do!)

I speak only on behalf of myself, but I appreciate it.

Thank you.

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