Awards Eligibility 2018

I had a couple of stories out this year that are eligible for awards (both Australian and international) and thought I’d round them up for ease.

First up is the story I’m most proud of, “Don’t Pack Hope” which came out at Nightmare Magazine in April. The story follows a trans guy who is packing essentials in a zombie apocalypse. It’s available as both text and in podcast form.

“Don’t Pack Hope” had a couple of really lovely reviews, from Charles Payseur over at Quick Sip Reviews and from Maria Haskins on the Barnes and Noble SF&F Short Fiction roundup. “Don’t Pack Hope” is also on the Recommended Reading List for the Nebula Award, amongst splendid company.

Next up is my horror story “Unstrap Your Feet” which is up at GlitterShip, both as text and a podcast. As a bonus, I read this one for the podcast! It was a lot of fun! The story is quite dark, however, so CW for domestic violence in this one. Quick Sip Reviews also covered this story, to my delight.

Finally, my dark fantasy story “One and Two” up at Kaleidotrope, in which sibling gods meet up and discuss bonds and sacrifice. This story also showed up at the B&N SF&F Short Fiction roundup.

All of the stories are available to read for free, if you’d like to! Shout out your eligibility posts in the comments, and happy reading.

You can find my Clarion West classmate Lora Gray’s post here:

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