My work has appeared at the following:


So Say We All – Personal essay in support of the Lightspeed Queers Destroy Science Fiction Special Edition. (January, 2015)


The Hammer of Happiness – Horror short story at Review of Australian Fiction (February 2016)

The Box Wife – Horror short story at Shock Totem: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted (Also available in print!) (October, 2014)

“The Box Wife” will also appears in the Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2014 and is now available to stream for free at Pseudopod.

Zip – SF short story at Bastion Science Fiction Magazine (August 2014)

Clean Hands, Dirty Hands – Historical fantasy short story at Aurealis Science Fiction and Fantasy (June 2014)

Squeak – Flash fiction at Daily Science Fiction (July 2013)


– CrashdownSF poetry at Apex Magazine (May 2014)

ThrowbackAn Editor’s Choice SF poem at Star*Line (May/June 2010)

Far – Found on the poetry blog Kipple (May 2019)

My poetry can also be found in The Sex Mook, which was published by Vignette Press (edited by Julian Fleetwood).


Bastion #5 cover by Milan Jaram.


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