Author Services

I am currently taking clients for short story critiques and for sensitivity reads for both short stories and longer works up to novel-length.

Short story critiques

My rates are as follows:

500-2000 words = $30 USD

2000-4000 words = $40 USD

4000-7500 words = $50 USD

What you’ll get:

A marked-up document with comments throughout, and a write-up of my comments on plot, structure and character (minimum 500 words). If you have anything in particular you’d like me to look for, I’m happy to do so. I am also open to having a discussion via Skype in addition to written feedback (to be negotiated).

I am also willing to apply my first reader eye to your work and let you know (in my humble opinion) whether I would pass it up to an editor, and if not, why not. Please note that I am not a line editor, but I have recommendations if you need one!

My experience:

I’m a graduate of the Clarion West Class of 2016 (go #TeamArsenic!) where I studied under NK Jemisin, Stephen Graham Jones, Elizabeth Bear, Sheila Williams, Paul Park and Michael Swanwick. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing, Literature) from Deakin University. I have made a number of professional short story sales at venues such as Uncanny Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, Pseudopod and Shock Totem, and have had a story in the Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror. I’ve also placed poems with Star*Line and Apex and had a non-fiction essay in Lightspeed’s Queers Destroy Science Fiction (you can find my full publication list here).

I was a first reader at Clarkesworld Magazine between November 2016 and December 2017, where I read over a thousand stories. I have also read for Arsenika. I regularly critique work for my classmates and other writing associates and pride myself on my enthusiasm as a reader.

I’d be delighted to work with you to help make your work shine.

If you are interested in a short story critique, please email me with your manuscript (docx and doc preferred) along with any requests to identify any issues that particularly concern you. I will then invoice you and, upon receiving payment, begin work.

Short story critiques will be returned within one week.

I am willing to negotiate rates for members of marginalised communities – please ask.


Sensitivity reads

I am able to read with the view to assist regarding the following:

  • Fat characters/fat representation
  • Mental Health issues (anxiety and depression)
  • Queer identity, particularly the female-presenting lesbian and bisexual/pansexual experience, as well as for non-binary identities.
  • Australian characters/setting/culture (please note that I am not an Aboriginal Australian or a Torres Strait Islander).

Please send me a query regarding sensitivity reads. Rates generally start at $250 USD for a manuscript between 60,000 – 100,000 words. Short story rates can be negotiated. I look forward to working with you!



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