A Couple of Stories Out

Hello, friends!

In case you missed them, I’ve had a couple of stories out recently:

One and Two – Kaleidotrope.

This is a dark fantasy story that explores sacrifice, gods, familial bonds and our connection with the natural world. I wrote it after I heard that the world’s oldest tree had been cut down – a tragedy, but one that has largely been swallowed by our continual trashing of the planet.

“One and Two” was also a story that helped me to work through my feelings around losing my twin sister when we were toddlers.

Don’t Pack Hope –  Nightmare Magazine #67

This story explores survival in a zombie apocalypse by an Australian trans man. I don’t usually set things in Melbourne, but this story hits very close to home. As I mention in my author spotlight, I don’t specifically identify as trans, but I have certainly been questioning my gender identity lately and am comfortable identifying as non-binary (she/her or they/them pronouns are both OK for now). This story was very much a thought experiment in terms of gender and ties in very closely with a lot of my personal experiences. It was fairly terrifying to put it into the world, and I hope you enjoy it!

I have some good news about this story that I can’t share yet, but believe me, I wigged out a LOT.

The next story I have slated to come out will be “Unstrap Your Feet” at GlitterShip, the LGBTQ podcast. I also did the narration for it, so you can hear me read my story myself!



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