Clarion Season

It has rolled around for the fourth time. Like, oh, hundreds of writers around the world, I have submitted an application to both Clarion UCSD and Clarion West.

I can’t stop checking my email.

Usually I’m waiting on something writing related – a submission, a beta read, very occasionally a contract – but this is different. I know (promise) that I’m not going to hear anything for a little while. I still can’t help checking. And checking. And checking.

Brain, Please Stop.

I really, really, REALLY hope that this year is my year. But, you know, all of the other times I’ve missed out have only made me a better writer, and if I don’t go to Clarion then I’ll be off on a holiday to Europe. You could call that win-win, yes?

I’ll just be over here, pushing F5 and thinking positive thoughts.


Edited to add: So, I’ve gotten a rejection from Clarion UCSD. Holding out for news from West. Eeeeeeeeeeek.


  1. While the Clarion experience would be life altering, you never now who you might connect/network with in Europe. The European market might be looking for what you’ve got to offer.
    Just sayin’ 🙂 Good luck either way!

    1. Cheers! And yes, you definitely have a point. I lived in Sweden for a while and have been lucky enough to connect with a bunch of European nerds! Thank you!

  2. Apparently, if you get in, they call. YOU SHOULD START WATCHING YOUR PHONE OBSESSIVELY TOO!

    But, do you know what the time frame is? Like how long we might have to wait?

    1. WAAAAH. West calls, I think. Eliza found out via email (she went to UCSD) on the 11th last year.

      So… I guess that would be the absolute earliest. Give it at least a week or so until it’s at all likely?

      1. The waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippo!

      2. Yes! Smash smash smash! Also, have you sent your stories out anywhere? The one I read, in particular?

      3. I sent to Lightspeed’s WDSF, but got a rejection. I’m going to extend it, I think and then try other markets!

      4. The Lightspeed WDSF thing was super tough – it’s a great story, though, it’ll definitely find a home! I totally dig it.

      5. Shane Olney · ·

        It’s the 10th. My anxiety has ramped up to ulcer-causing levels.

      6. Yep. Argh. ARGH. IT COULD BE ANY DAY NOW.

        Or, you know, it could be a couple of weeks away with a ‘No.’


  3. Huge amounts of good luck, as ever, Em! (But at least if it’s a no this year, we’ll get to hang out together instead. Eeeee!)

    1. True that! Excellent consolation prize!

  4. I know the feeling ;D

      1. Frustrating isn’t it!! Hope you hear back soon!!

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