Another Crack

I sent my Clarion West and Clarion UCSD applications off last weekend. What a relief to have it finally done!

This is my fifth try for CW and my fourth for UCSD. I reckon I’ve gone through all of the stages of grief after being rejected in previous years. Right now, I’m feeling excited and hopeful. I don’t know why, but I have a great feeling about 2015.

I think it’s because, this year, I’m completely happy with my application and I feel ready on a personal level to attend. I’ve also experienced the rush that comes with working until you’re ready to scream and pushing through it (which yes, has happened in the past, but for many reasons, it isn’t quite the same).

I feel like I’ve leveled up just by getting my application together, and I know that whatever happens, this year is going to be exciting and filled with hard work and travel and beautiful people.

Wish me luck! Hurrah!

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